Helpability-by Heather O'Brien Walker

Your life is supposed to be FULFILLING and POSITIVE, so when a life challenge of ANY kind shows up in our lives, what happens?

Our brain asks three very important questions: What is this? What does this mean? What do I do about it? If the answer is not simple and immediately available, the typical and habitual response is OVERWHELM.

It’s like pouring a cup of coffee onto your computer and expecting it to function.

The HELP Philosophy™ is the principle.  HELPability™ is the application of the philosophy through the use of positive psychology to eliminate overwhelm, experience daily fulfillment, be inspired, and ALWAYS attract the things you WANT!

In other words, it HELPS you live a positive and fulfilling life...

It all starts with a simple SHIFT...

When implemented properly, the HELPabilityFactor will cause a ripple effect of positivity in YOUR life and the world around you. You experience peace of mind, mental clarity, sense of purpose, and have more energy to name a few.

It's simple.  It's proven.  It works.

“Exercise your ability to FOCUS on the things that really matter.  Once you’ve made what I call “THE SHIFT” and focus on what’s RIGHT in your 5 core life accounts...your life becomes RICH with fulfillment!”

Heather O’Brien Walker

What is HELPability?

HELPability™ is a simple, PROVEN 5-Step System for anyone can apply to overcome simple overwhelm and even complex life challenges in order to live a rich life.

In short, it’s the art and science using positive psychology to focus on what’s right and good in your life and leveraging those assets to attract the rich life we all deserve while helping others.

Through the power of the HELP Philosophy™:


Along with the implementation of a simple system of self evaluation that was developed by accident you’ll gain:

More physical energy, enhanced mental clarity, stronger sense of purpose, peace of mind, inner fulfillment, feeling of freedom, and daily inspiration.

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Who is Heather O’Brien Walker?

The HELPability™ Factor was discovered from a hospital bed after Heather sustained two traumatic brain injuries in a 40-day time span.  At the time of this discovery, she was unable to walk, talk or process basic information. She couldn’t even touch her own nose.

After only a few days in the hospital Heather made a crucial discovery. Realizing that everyone around her, including herself, was focused all all she had lost, everything she couldn’t do and all that was WRONG with her, she decided she had to take action in what would later be termed "THE SHIFT".

Feeling completely overwhelmed, she began to take a mental accounting of the core areas of her life...her Life Accounts. She soon realized that if she was going to get her life back on track she needed to take some kind of positive action.

Little did she know at the time but what she had discovered was actually right in line with the abundance of scientific research in positive psychology.  Her revelation that focusing on what’s RIGHT has tremendous power to change a person’s life experience.

This shift in traditional psychology in focusing on all the perceived negative factors of a person’s life to the achievement of a positive human development has been revolutionary.

Her first book, 'Don't Give Up, Get Up!' tells her story of how the HELP Philosophy™ began.

This simple philosophy serves as the cornerstone for your new life experience.  It will shift your perspective and lead you perfectly into the next step of your more peaceful and positive life.

HELPability™ is the system.  HELPability™ Factor is the simple 5-step application of the system and takes this ground-breaking scientific research and makes it actionable in anyone’s life, no matter the circumstances.

The best part is that by using the HELPabilty™ Factor in your life you will not only be able to quickly realize all of your positive life assets, but also ELIMINATE OVERWHELM and be able to experience the richness of a peaceful and fulfilled life.

Heather now shares her HELP Philosophy™ and application of it through HELPability™ and the HELPability™ Factor to people nationally and internationally through her speaking and coaching program.

Heather is loved by....

Why is HELPability so effective?

Because it's a simple system based on proven principles and scientific research of positive psychology.

No longer do you have to be exhausted and frustrated from trying to manage life’s daily challenges.

To experience growth and REAL change in your 5 core Life Accounts you must change the way you LOOK at each area.  This is "The SHIFT", which initiates the ripple effect.

  • Financial

  • Spiritual

  • Physical

  • Relational

  • Professional

Where are you strong?  Where are you weak?  The HELPabilityLife Accounts Assessment Guide walks you through this process, step-by-step.

Do you have the “ability” to provide Hope, Encouragement, Love, and Positivity to someone else in an area where you’re stronger?  Of course you do.


You spend your entire day “putting out fires”, only to get up the next day and have to do it all over again, gaining little if any ground towards the life you dream about.

Life is short, and you are ready for a proven system that shows you HOW to easily move through your life challenges, finally feeling the sense of purpose and fulfillment you knew was possible, all while making an impact in the world by helping others.

HELPability is that system.  It’s your HOW!

Download the FREE HELPability™ Life Accounts Assessment Guide

Who can it HELP?

If you are facing challenges and feel like there is no end in sight...
If you are READY to eliminate overwhelm from your life once and for all...
If you WANT to experience daily FULFILLMENT...
If you want to ALWAYS attract the things you want...

Then HELPability™ is exactly what you need to get from where you are to where you want to be.

Application of the HELP Philosophy™ is system that can, and should, be applied monthly.

It’s an ongoing system that can applied, then reapplied over and over again because no matter how many challenges you overcome in your life, there will always be more.

Now you have a PROVEN system in HELPability™!

No longer do you have to feel overwhelmed and longer do you have wake unfulfilled and longer do you have to feel clouded with no sense of purpose.

By adopting the HELP Philosophy™ and applying HELPability™ you will...

ALWAYS attract the things you really want instead of the things you don’t want!

This is the essence of the HELPability™ Factor!

heather on beach face front

“You are an inspiration. I love your story and know it will inspire tens of thousands of people!”

Jack Canfield, New York Times Best Selling Author of 'The Success Principles' and Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series

"Heather is an amazing story of courage. I am a huge believer in visualization. Her determination, positive  attitude and mental movie to walk again despite all the odds is so inspiring.”

Sarah Blakely, Spanx™

“Heather’s story is simply amazing and her ‘HELP’ philosophy is great! She will inspire many to live their dreams!”

Les Brown, World's Greatest Motivational Speaker

When can you apply HELP?

Right now!  Are you worried that you are too overwhelmed to make a real difference in your life?

Are you so stressed out that you have zero clarity in your life?

Are you frustrated that time seems to be speeding up and you don’t know if you are on the right path?

Are you feeling stuck?

You don’t have to worry anymore! This proven system and easy-to-use tools are going to simply and easily reveal to you just what you need to do EVERY DAY, and in no time you will be living a rich life of peace and abundance.

HOW can you apply it?

Simple.  Make the decision that you’re READY have more physical energy, enhanced mental clarity, a stronger sense of purpose, peace of mind, inner fulfillment, a feeling of freedom, and daily inspiration.

Then download your FREE HELPability Life Assessment Guide to get started NOW!

By leveraging the HELPabilty Factor in your life, no matter what challenges you are facing or what you want to attract into your life, you can enhance your performance and experience real freedom.

Beginning with a quick evaluation of your current life accounts assets, you will IMMEDIATELY begin to eliminate stress and overwhelm from your daily life.

The key to the system is called "THE SHIFT" and it begins to bring new experiences, insights and results into your life.

You then FOCUS on expanding the assets of your life by applying HELP to establish a flourishing life of peace and fulfillment.

Where can I learn more?

You can download your FREE HELPabilityLIfe Assessment Guide right here to get a FAST start toward feeling helpFULL and remove the helpLESS feeling from now on.

You can also follow Heather and her mission to share her HELP Philosophy and the proven impact of the HELPability™ Factor to people around the world.

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Download the FREE HELPability™ Life Accounts Assessment Guide

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